Cobourg Community Centre Evacuated after Fire during Cougars Game

The Cobourg Cougars were winning 5-1 at 11min left in the 3rd period when smoke and fire blew out of the men’s washroom at the south part of the Bowl. After a fire alarm was pulled around 8:57pm all fans and attendees were evacuated. Fire Fighters, Police, Community Centre Staff, and OJHL Officials met to examine the situation. After the building was fanned out and determined safe, fans returned to their seats while the Wellington Dukes and the Cobourg Cougars had a 5min warm up to continue the rest of the game.

General Manager of the Cougars Brent Tully spoke to CogecoTV,  “Some kids apparently lit a fire in the bathroom, but we are making sure this game continues.” Brent has never seen anything like it before in his career.

Cobourg Councillor Brian Darling spoke to CogecoTV as well, “Someone said that some little guys scurried from the bathroom and left quickly. It would be in their best interest to come forward before the police come knocking at their doors.” Brian being a firefighter himself also said it would just be a short time and then everything could be resumed.

The Cobourg Fire Service attended, and found a washroom waste paper bin had been set on fire. Fire Services ensured the fire was extinguished and cleared the building of smoke. The Cobourg Police Service Criminal Investigations Branch is investigating this Arson.  Anyone who may have witnessed the person(s) responsible for this Arson, or who has information that can provide assistance in our investigation of this incident, is requested to contact Detective Constable Larry Davis at 905-372-6821

The game resumed at 9:42 pm which ended in a Cobourg win of 6-3. Cobourg plays tomorrow in Wellington.