CDCI West Now William Academy Cobourg Campus

The old CDCI West Building will now be William Academy. This international school offers a wide range of classes from Grade 7 to grade 12 based on the Ontario Curriculum and AP programs. William Academy has 3 campuses located in North York, downtown Toronto and Cobourg. All campuses are official IELTS test centres.

The new campus building originally established in 1901, was the first public high school in the town with the name of Cobourg Collegiate then CDCI West when CDCI East was built. The school itself has been in continuous usage since the 1900’s. The total square footage of the teaching facility is 86000 square feet (8600 square meter), including 2 gyms, a dance studio, and music room. The school can accommodate 1000 students with a lovely school restaurant with a dormitory right on campus which is able to accommodate about 200 students.
In September William Academy will welcome 25 students from all over the world. A search for local teachers is now underway. As the school expands, space for student accommodation will be added. 

According to the school, the students will be living in the top floor of the school with the remainder of the school for classes and sports activities. Other living areas are also being arranged in the local area.

 It’s mission is to prepare global leaders for the future. Visit for more information.  

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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear it’s not to be torn down and it’s going to be put to such a great use. International students will make an economic boost in Cobourg and enrich the lives of everyone involved in the program!

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