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Bring your story to life with our range of media services

Video Production

We will elevate your brand, capture your compelling story and deliver stunning visuals. Whether your story is personal, documentary, or commercial, our team tailors each project to meet your unique needs and your audience's wants.

Live Event Production

Our comprehensive live production services ensure that every aspect of your event, from design to logistics, is expertly managed to create a memorable experience for your attendees. We handle the producing, including production operations, marketing and sponsorship, talent management, volunteer coordination, and guest experience. Our skilled professionals and event partners are dedicated to creating impactful moments.

Equipment Rentals

With our extensive inventory of equipment rentals, you can access the latest in audiovisual production technology and live event essentials. From cameras, switchers, and lighting to pipe and drape, we provide reliable, high-quality equipment to support all your production needs.

Creative Strategy

Unlock your project's potential with our strategic creative media services. We collaborate with you to develop strategies, execution tactics and brand messages that engage a target audience and amplify your message across all platforms.

Our Process


Do you have a script prepared? Or do you need one written? No matter your production experience or readiness, Cobourg Media can assist you in creating a strong and captivating narrative. This process includes brainstorming your main objectives, intended audience, platform, visuals/ shot list, and story (putting all the puzzle pieces together).


In the pre-production stage we meet again to discuss and finalize the road map to create the project together. We manage and coordinate all the necessary logistics with you such as scheduling, location, props, talent, technical needs and more.


Lights! Camera! Action! We are ready to roll the camera and execute your project. The filming will commence on location according to the agreed-upon schedule and shot list. If we are working on a live production all the camera sources will be fed into a switcher to be streamed or recorded. We look forward to collaborating and have you be part of the production magic!


This is where it all comes together! Our team will assemble and build your visual story. In this process, we sort footage, add royalty-free music, colour correct video, tweak audio, and design graphics for logos and on-screen text.

Delivery & Distribution

The final project will be delivered to you via a private link. We will work together to finalize all the details and take in your suggestions to make the product as amazing as possible. We can also assist you with platform distribution such as setting up a YouTube channel or advising best practices.