Cobourg Media professionally designs, shoots, and edits high definition video up to 4K. Our team handles every aspect of the production and we encourage our clients to be actively involved with the project. Our committed and trained team will work with you to provide a free proposal and estimate so you can fully understand our capabilities and so we can understand your vision and goal. Our clients include government departments, corporations, institutions, small businesses, and community members who want to share a story.  Cobourg Media produces a wide variety of videos and services from short promotional videos, interviews, multi-camera videography, live broadcasting and more. For full explanations and services see below or contact for up to date information and recent work.

More than ever before it is easier and achievable through the video to promote a product, business, service or message over a variety of platforms. A video invites your audience and target market to have an up close and personable viewing rather than a straight-up word “About Us” page or paragraphs that never end. Be creative, be smart and drive your audience through the new way of marketing and advertising. Cobourg Media can develop, plan, shoot and produce your next promotional video to suit your budget, time, demographics, platform and audience.

Public Service Announcement

An important message is not always easily distributed or seen by your targeted audience. Through video and developing a public service announcement, your message will be heard in a clearer and creative manner that will create a conversation.

Going Live

Putting on a live event? Can’t connect your own audience? No problem. Whether a single or multi-camera live shoot, a video conference or webcast, our knowledge of live event logistics and technical requirements allows us to quickly coordinate the entire production. Our integrated event capabilities include technical production and direction, a creation of pre-produced elements, recording, broadcasting, post-production, encoding, authoring, and distribution. We can broadcast and stream to your favorite programs such as Facebook (NEW), YouTube, Twitch, LiveStream, Ustream and other integrated live encoders. Cobourg Media broadcasts the Canada Day Parade live each year along with an interactive pre-show on the street.


Have an event, moment or special time that you want to be filmed? Cobourg Media can easily set up 2 or 3 cameras to fully capture your event so you don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting that special memory. Each shoot is unique but we can set up cameras in different angles, use a 20ft jib crane or use a steady cam to help capture your video. Your videography shoot could be your next hockey game, family reunion, concert, birthday or anniversary, nonprofit or profitable event, wedding (special rates apply) and or anything that you want to be captured on video, we can make it happen.


On all of Cobourg Media’s programming, we have so many opportunities and ways you can get your message out. If you own a business, have an event or something that needs to get out to the community, we reach over 15,000 people weekly on all of the platforms and programmings we offer. More statistics can be released if inquired.

For more information or inquiries please email: