Downtown Cobourg releases new Passport Program

For the first time, shoppers in Downtown Cobourg can enjoy the fun and perhaps the rewards of the Spring Passport program. It’s the newest addition to the annual line-up of events for the Downtown Business Improvement Area. Pick up your Spring Passport from any of 65 participating businesses, and take it with you when you’re downtown to collect stamps from your favourite businesses between March 13th to April 30th. Each passport serves as an invitation to shop local and explore Downtown Cobourg. That would be two prizes of 250 Dollars (which can be redeemed at any participating business) and one 500 Dollars prize. You can have your passport stamped once for every $10 spent at any participating business. When your passport has 10 stamps, it’s considered complete. Fill out your contact information, and return your completed passport to the DBIA office (253 Division St.) or to any participating merchant which will give you one entry in the prize draw. For more information, contest details and a complete list of the 2017 Calendar of Events in Downtown Cobourg, visit  

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  1. I need a passport to be in downtown Cobourg? That was tongue in cheek, but with all the empasis on out-of-town visitors and the enthusiam by the parking authority top issue tickets, I don’t feel that welcome Downtown. I have seen parking officers stand and wait while the last few minutes expire so thye can write a ticket. Are they on a quota?

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