Waterpark Attraction in Victoria Beach Official for this Summer

Come summertime in Cobourg, Victoria Beach will again be a bustling and vibrant place for residents and tourists, now with a waterpark floating attraction. On Monday, April 9, Town Council officially voted to proceed with the hiring of a Peterborough company, At the Lake Distributing, to install an inflatable waterpark at the beach, featuring swings, slides, and trampolines.

The town is in the midst of revisiting its waterfront master plan and is looking to ramp up interest in the area and find ways to create a revenue stream from the beach.

The vote ended in a carried motion, with 4 votes for the waterpark (Mayor Gil Brocanier, Councillor Brian Darling, Councillor Forrest Rowden, Councillor Aaron Burchat) and 3 votes against (Deputy Mayor John Henderson, Councillor Debra McCarthy, and Councillor Suzanne Seguin.

Councillor Aaron Burchat was excited about this project and wanted to represent the younger demographic, coming from a parent perspective. “There are many young parents and youth who are interested but not involved and represented in this planning process.”

Deputy Mayor John Henderson had a different opinion: “Why don’t we take some time, with this council and the new council to first answer all the questions and make the right decision. I would like council to acknowledge the analogy as the master plan is the horse and this project is the cart. We are putting the cart before the horse. ”

Councillor Suzanne Seguin was also in a disagreement: “For this master waterfront plan, over 2000 of the public submitted their votes for what the waterfront should be. Council hasn’t seen this and I don’t like to be left in the dark. If its ready, and to proceed properly with this, then show it to council.”

Visitors will pay $10 to $15 for two hours at the water park but up to $35 for an entire day. The Town of Cobourg would receive 10 percent of the gross income from ticket sales.

The location of the Waterpark will mostly be centred in the middle of the beach including a large adult aquapark and smaller kids aquapark. The aquapark kiosk will be located in the centre of the beach where playgoers will pay, get life jackets, wetsuits and go over safety requirements.

The 2-year term is scheduled for a possible one-year extension. Estimated annual revenue is calculated for over 275 thousand.

While more concerns arise and excitement splashes, the waterpark is scheduled to open on June 23 and will operate seven days a week until Labour Day.

Graham Beer- grahambeer@cobourgmedia.ca

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