Local Artist Creates Campaign to Thank Frontline Workers

Charles Funnell shows off his "A Heartfelt Thanks" T-Shirt.

Local artist Charles Funnell has been busy delivering t-shirt and card orders for his “Heartfelt Thanks” campaign in and around Northumberland County.

He’s on a mission to thank local healthcare workers while raising funds for the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation and Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank.

On his t-shirts and cards the symbol, and surrounding words, describe the strength, courage and dedication of doctors, nurses and front line personnel as they fight to protect our lives and the lives of all those affected by COVID-19.

“Throughout the last few months, we have had great buy-in from the local community and from areas well outside of ours,” said local artist Charles Funnell. “Being an artist, I created a clean graphic image that illustrates the struggle we face, while creating a sense of drama, movement and gravitas.”

He encourages everyone to purchase a t-shirt or a set of cards to gift to a local frontline hero. The t-shirts are $25, and the limited edition copper embossed cards are $12.

To learn more about the “A Heartfelt Thanks” campaign and to purchase the items visit their website and Facebook page.