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Cobourg's most local newscast captures stories that impact the community, that matter, that start a conversation and stories that we say "WOW". From broadcasting the Canada Day events live to reporting on a fallen tree branch we make sure the local stories get to the fore front. Catch the monthly 30min podcast on YouTube. 

Cobourg Life

For the 2nd season of Cobourg Life, Graham Beer will be taking you around town checking out all of the events, activities, businesses and LIFE that is enjoyed by all Cobourg Citizens! Catch the 10min #CobourgLife segment deputing in June on Wednesdays. 


Graham Beer Show

We are talking about what's trendy, what's popular, what's new in tech, and life style that captures everyones eye! An all new interactive show with a new platform like no other. Catch all of The Graham Beer Show content on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook. 



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Cobourg Media Viewer Survey

Thank you for filling out our Cobourg Media Viewer Survey! We appriciate your feedback and strive to make every experince better on all of our interactive platforms. We do not want to make this survey personal or confusing, so if you don't feel obligated to put your name of info in this form we don't expect you to. But without your info, you wouldn't be eligiable for any possible prizing.  At anytime please don't hesitate to contact us, as we like to hear from you! Stay tuned for more exciting new developments soon!

~ Graham Beer, Producer