McDonald’s Chicken Given a Home with Many Questions

After a live and active Chicken was found in the William St. McDonald’s male washroom it now has a home. Theresa Rickerby of Cobourg has given the Chicken a place to be free. After it was found at the Cobourg location on Tuesday afternoon a local resident claimed it was his. This resident had a total of 6 chickens but was down to 5 as a few weeks ago one went missing. After the news broke this resident’s family claimed the Chicken as it matched the descriptions posted. Once he picked the Chicken up, further tests were conducted and it turned out to be a different Chicken. That’s where the Rickerby family steps in and claims the Chicken. This news story has gone viral within the town. It all started when a young boy came out of the washroom and claimed there was a real Chicken in the stales, after his mom finished ordering his McHappy Meal, staff went in and handled the situation after calling Animal Services. While McDonalds did not release much comment they were concerned about the spread of news and customers safety. There are still questions about how the chicken got in there, who brought it in and who owns the Chicken. As for now it continues to be a mystery with a happy ending, including the Chicken who’s producing eggs for Rickerby’s DIY Egg McMuffins.

Graham Beer & Alex Meaney talked about this story this week on Your Cobourg.


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