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Just in over 24 hours I will be off to London England with 24 other CCI students and teachers for the first leg of my trip. Starting on Wednesday I will be posting picture and video updates on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You can follow me on Twitter: @grahambeer_, and Instagram @graham_beer. I will also be sharing content to the Cobourg Media pages as well. Each night hopefully, if I have time I will post an article about my day, the people I meet and the stories I will share with thousands of other Canadian youth. As time will be limited and the obvoius time changes will be in affect there will be no guarantee what I post each day, though I am sure there will be something exciting for me to tell.

It is a privilege and an honour to be part of this amazing time in history with so many other Canadians. Please join me on this adventure (virtually that is) and you will be enriched in moments never seen before.

Catch up with you soon, Graham Beer

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