MPP David Piccini Announces Over $1 Million for Base Funding at Northumberland Hills Hospital

Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) will receive $1,003,504 in base funding and up to $335,940 in one-time funding from the Provincial Government.

Piccini made the announcement on Thursday morning to emphasize the Ontario Government’s investment to end hallway healthcare. Above the provincial average, this funding will support NHH as they build capacity and quality while continuing to meet the increasing demands of the local patients.

“Our Government has made many landmark health care investments within the last year, including this funding announcement at NHH,” said David Piccini, MPP for Northumberland-Peterborough South. “I appreciate the ongoing, tireless work of the team at Northumberland Hills Hospital and this investment will support their continued efforts to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care to the residents of Northumberland.”

“On behalf of the NHH team, we sincerely thank you and our Government’s health system leaders for this very positive news,” said Linda Davis, NHH President and CEO. “The dollars you have announced today will help fund additional beds our team has already had to open in the 2019/20 fiscal year to meet local patient needs.”

NHH’s previous base funding provided for 96 beds. An additional 8 beds are supported temporarily through one-time surge dollars for a total funded bed count of 104.

Two months into the current fiscal year, NHH continues to average inpatient occupancy well above the funded 104 threshold, with an average of 121 and 118 inpatients respectively for April and May 2019.

“MPP Piccini, on behalf of the Board of Directors of NHH, I echo our President and CEO’s gratitude for this support,” said Pam Went, NHH’s Board Chair. “Specifically, I want to thank you for the base funding adjustment. For many years this hospital struggled with an operating shortfall, and one-time, last-minute funding adjustments that hampered our ability to do effective long-term planning. The base increase you’ve announced today will help build the stability and sustainability of the acute care services we provide.”

The Ontario Government continues to invest in the frontlines of the health care system with $384 million for Ontario’s hospitals, which will receive on average a 2% increase in funding.

“These new dollars will help prevent us from having to house patients in hallways or unconventional spaces because beds are not available, and this will make a very significant difference to the patients we serve, and the care providers who deliver that care,” added President Linda Davis.

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